Keeping Informed on Scams

Scams are becoming more inventive and difficult to detect.  New scams continue to emerge trying to retrieve personal information. We are urging our clients to be cautious of any emails or phone calls that they receive from people claiming to be from either Australian Taxation Office (ATO) or Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).
Signs that an email is not from the ATO:

  • does not include official ATO logo;
  • does not address the recipient by name;
  • is not sent from a legitimate sender;
  • and is unexpected.

  Signs that an email is not from ASIC:

  • asks for payment to be made over the phone;
  • requests you make a payment in order to receive a refund; and
  • asks for credit card or bank details directly.

Signs of scams are not limited to those indicators above. 

If you receive an email or a call from someone and you are not sure where they are calling from or if it is a scam do not click on any links provided in the email or reply and do not provide any personal information no matter how persistent the person may be. People have reported that the phone call scam workers can be very intimidating and even threaten court proceedings.  
Phone the ATO or ASIC directly to confirm the information that was provided.  This way you can be certain that you are talking to a representative from the governement and are being told the correct information.  This could also bring to the attention of the ATO any new possible scams and could potentially reduce the number of people who get affected. 

It is important that individuals as well as business owners keep up to date with recent scams.  To read more information please go to the following pages: 

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