Small Business Disaster Assistance Recovery Grant Category C

Additional disaster assistance has just been announced if you're a Small Business and have suffered direct damage caused by the North Queensland Monsoonal Trough. 

An Exceptional Circumstances Grant (Category C grant) of up to $25,000 is now available and is designed to assist eligible small businesses as follows:

Initial Grant - to assist with cleaning and the 'reinstatement of business' costs immediately following the disaster event - up to a total of $5,000; and
Subsequent Grant - to assist with additional costs - up to a total of $20,000.

The grant enables businesses to pay for costs that are directly associated to cleaning and reinstatement activities such as:

  • hiring or leasing of equipment and materials that are essential to the clean-up;

  • removing and disposing of debris, damaged goods and/or material;

  • repairing buildings or replacing fittings in buildings;

  • replacing lost or damaged stock essential for immediately resuming trading;

  • engaging a person or clean or to conduct a safety inspection of premises; and

  • paying additional wages to an employee to assist with the clean-up work.